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The trendy John Charles collection is among the finest in the UK for Mother of the Bride and Groom Outfits, dresses and for most special occasions. The use of the finest fabrics, accompanied by excellent production with a view to detail is acknowledged by many as about as good as you get. If you are searching for a specific style you MUST be aware that some style numbers have either an “a” or “b” after them. There is a difference in both style, and price. While we are not the only retailer of this collection you will be hard pushed to find another that can beat our prices. We offer a Price Match Promise to that effect. Also the convenience of parking right outside the shop in a traffic warden free area means you can visit with no worries of having to rush out to feed a parking meter. Your search for a mother of the bride outfit doesn’t need the stress of such things Although our dressmaker is self employed we guarantee her work at our own expense. You will not find that in any other shop that we know of.

The exquisite John Charles Mother of the Bride & Groom outfits 2019 collection

And quality styles for all special events

Mother of the Bride outfits by John Charles

Whether you are a mother of the bride or attending another occasion where classy clothing is an essential part of the proceedings, John Charles comes recommended by us. You will look superb and feel as special as the bride herself. Call in to see the gorgeous styles in stock. You will be given as much assistance as necessary without any sales pressure
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A special occasion outfit from John Charles is sure to give you a buzz. With modern styling and a choice of embroidered dress and boleros or delicate lace detailing you will be certain of looking glamorous at your own special occasion. Pastel colours are the order of the day and they will match beautifully with shoes, hat and bag from stock

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