Mother of the Bride and Groom outfits and ladies Special Occasion fashions
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Condici   has   a   long   tradition   of   supplying   fine   ladies wedding   outfits,   suits   for   special   occasions   and   hats and fascinators to suit. There    are    different    quality    levels    of    this    collection mainly   based   on   the   type   of   material   used.   Silk   is   a more   expensive   material   so   commands   a   higher   price than the more relaxed soft materials on other styles. This   is   a   prime   collection   within   the   UK   and   has   found favour   with   a   lot   of   our   customers   in   the   past.      One consequence   of   it’s   popularity   though   is   that   it   isn’t quite   as   exclusive   as   it   used   to   be.   It   is   still   one   of   our favourites   nevertheless   and   we   always   have   a   good selection of styles
mother of the bride outfit


This   is   another   collection   from   the   Condici   Group   and has   many   lovely   styles   for   formal   occasions.   The   styling is   very   different   to   Condici   and   has   a   good   number   of stand-alone   dresses   such   as   the   one   in   the   picture   to the    left.    The    materials    are    generally    softer    and    this makes   them   ideal   for   less   formal   events   as   well   as   for weddings.    Race-goers    will    love    them    worn    with    a superbly styled hat or fascinator. Those     ladies     seeking     something     to     wear     in     hot countries    such    as    Cyprus,    will    be    pleased    with    the styles from Ispirato. It’s   a   relatively   inexpensive   collection   compared   to   the sister    label    of    Condici    but    lacks    nothing    in    style    or quality.
mother of the bride dress from Ispirato

John Charles

This   London   Fashion   house   has   been   making      formal occasion   suits   for   weddings   etc.   for   around   8   years now   and   have   captured   a   good   niche   in   the   market. They    mainly    use    100%    polyester    for    their    garments which are made in China to keep costs under control. The   styling   is   imaginative   and   they   mainly   use   lighter pastel shades of colours. The   company   is   a   well   respected   and   the   quality   of their   garments   is   very   good   indeed.   One   point   of   note, is   that   they   are   more   or   less   in   every   special   occasion shop   in   the   UK.   If   you   want   real   exclusivity   then   we cannot     guarantee     you     won’t     find     someone     else wearing    the    same    outfit    at    any    event    you    plan    on attending.
John Charles mother of the bride outfit

Cabotine & Zeila

The   Cabotine   is   the   more   expensive   label   using   higher quality   materials   and   are   priced   accordingly.   Zeila   is   a less   expensive   collection   but   still   retains   superb   styling. The    number    of    styles    from    both    labels    is    huge    so there’s pretty much something for everyone. It   took   a   good   number   of   years   to   establish   itself   in   the UK    but    has    really    taken    hold    now.    The    inevitable consequence,   once   more,   is   that   they   are   more   or   less everywhere. While   we   do   offer   an   exchange   soon   after   purchase   for customers   who   find   they   have   an   outfit   that   someone else    has,    or    one    in    the    same    colours,    we    can’t guarantee them being exclusive.  
cabotine zeila mother of the bride
Some styles are avalable from the following collections. Not all of them have pictures to share. Carla Ruiz: Alfredo Vaez: Daniella: Shubette: Pomodoro: Higar Novia: Manu Garcia: Esperanzo Garcia: Izabella: Dress Code: Laura Bernal: Gina Bacconi: Tia: Mascara: Evasse: Fely Campo

Veni Infantino

This   is   a   low   cost   collection   of   styles   that   uses   less expensive   materials.   It   is   useful   for   those   who   have   a budget    they    need    to    keep    to    and    as    such    they generally get their money’s worth from them. Being   part   of   the   Ronald   Joyce   company   they   sell lots   to   bridal   shops   as   well   as   the   more   usual   special occasion   retailers.   As   such   they   will   be   nowhere   near as     exclusive     as     most     collections     if     this     is     a consideration for you. The   styling   is   generally   pretty   good   and   they   tend   to be   of   decent   but   not   exacting   quality   standards.   You get   what   you   pay   for   generally   so   although   they   are pretty   nice   they   aren’t   couture   by   any   means.   best   for guests really
wedding suits from veni infantino

Rosa Clara

The   stylish   designs   by   Rosa   Clara   are   new   to   the   UK. The    company    is    from    Barcelona    and    have    a    solid reputation   with   their   evening-wear   and   wedding   gown collections   already.   We   are   a   Prime   Retailer   of   this quality   collection   and   take   pride   in   the   styles   we   buy from the full samples. The    use    of    mixed    and    vibrant    colours    puts    this collection ahead of so many others. It   is   at   a   very   reasonable   price   comparing   well   against other   collections   and   are   pretty   much   well   below   the top   name   collections   though   lacking   nothing   in   style   or quality. The    styles    are    generally    repeatable    throughout    the year as long as material is available in the factory
linea raffaelli mother of the bride outfits
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A word of caution Some   collections   are   shamelessly   copied   by   the   Chinese   The   quality   of   the   copies   are   diabolical.   We   know,   We   bought   some   to   compare   them.   They   went   into   the bin.   We   even   had   a   deputy   company   chairman   of   a   very   large   corporation   in   Hong   Kong   visit   the   shop   some   time   ago   to   buy   two   outfits.   She   told   us   that   she wouldn’t buy Chinese as she knows all about their standards. Veni   Infantino,   Mon   Cheri   and   Linea   Raffaelli   are   heavily   targeted,   but   they   aren’t   alone.   If   the   price   looks   too   good   to   be   true   then   it   really   is.   Their   websites   all   look very   much   the   same,   using   the   designer’s   own   pictures   but   with   loads   of   colour   options   that   aren’t   available   from   the   actual   true   company.   Don’t   be   fooled   by   the professional   looking   website.   They   hide   a   façade   of   shoddy   design,   poor   materials   and   horrendous   manufacturing   quality.   YOU   WILL   NOT   GET   A   REFUND   UNDER ANY   CIRCUMSTANCES   from   any   of   them,   and   if   they   use   a   website   then   you   can   bet   that   it’s   also   in   .it   .com   or   .es.   The   company   address   may   show   as   one   in the   UK   but   it’s   little   more   than   a   convenience   address   to   give   an   appearance   of   legitimacy.   You   can   never   call   at   the   address,   or   even   call   on   the   phone.   Just   so   you know….. Take   it   from   us;   if   you   buy   one   of   the   cheap   styles   to   save   costs   you’ll   be   extremely   disappointed   and   after   you   have   to   replace   it   you’ll   more   than   likely   be   well   out of pocket. If you want a good quality style at a lower price then drop into our sale page, or ask in shop for others we have.
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Carla Ruiz

Carla    Ruiz    is    another    Spanish    collection    that    has captured the imagination of the UK marketplace. It   produces   a   large   number   of   styles   each   season   and the   prices   are   generally   lower   than   the   top   named   UK collections. It   compares   well   against   other   collections   for   style   and quality. The   styles   are   often   repeatable   in-season   as   long   as material is available in the factory.
linea raffaelli mother of the bride outfits

Linea Raffaelli

This   is   a   remarkable   collection   comprising   of   smart jacket   and   dress   or   coat   and   dress   suits   suitable   for the   special   mother   of   the   bride   and   groom.   Also   the gorgeous    dresses    both    for    smart    casual    wear    or special    events    and    evening    wear    are    among    the finest you can get. Linea   Raffaelli’s   use   of   lovely   colour   combinations   to enhance   the   appearance   of   each   style   is   appreciated by ladies searching for individuality and eye appeal. To   some   extent   the   pieces   can   be   mix   and   matched and   are   in   constant   production   for   repeats   even   long after the season they were originally designed for.
wedding suits from Gill Harvey norma and june fashions mother bride groom


This   renowned   collection   is   already   very   well   established   as   among the leaders in the UK. While   it’s   always   very   well   sought   after   it   only   produces   on   forward orders   so   if   you   see   a   style   you   like   and   don’t   buy   it   there   and   then, it may well be sold the next time you visit. The   quality   and   styling   of   the   Condici   collection   is   among   the   best you will get from a UK designer.


This   renowned   collection   also   from   the   Fashion   House   of   Condici, is   already   well   established   as   among   the   leaders   in   the   UK.   It   is   a different collection with its own unique style. While    it’s    always    very    well    sought    after    it    only    produces    on forward   orders   so   if   you   see   a   style   you   like   and   don’t   buy   it   there and then it may well be sold the next time you visit.
A   short   introduction   to   some   of   the   designer   labels   you   will   see   in   our shop.   There   are   many   more   you   can   choose   from   other   than   the   ones shown on the website. You   will   have   lots   of   choice,   lots   of   time   to   try   on   as   many   as   you   want and with personal service.

John Charles

Producing an exciting collection that appeals to the mass market this collection is as good as you get at the price. The attention to detail is very evident in the delicate designs and the accopnaying hats and fascinators to match. John Charles is another company who only produce from a forward order thus in-season repeats are highly unlikely. As with Condici and Ispirato, you cannot rely on an outfit being in stock a few days since you last saw it in shop. If you like, you need to buy it to make sure.

Cabotine - Zeila

This delightful and less expensive collection is ideal for those who want “nice” but not haute couture. The collection has a selection of suits, dresses and some long floaty styles ideal for the beach and evening meals out on a promenade without looking over the top. The styles are modern and exceptionally good value for money and are well suited to most occasions from weddings to garden parties or even to informal events with the family. This is a Spanish collection from Malaga and the collection is well known in Europe and Ireland already, but is new to the UK mainland. The styles shown are the current season and are produced on a forward order basis only so repeats aren’t generally available.
Other   collections.   We   have   so   many   more   collections.   There   isn’t   room to   place   a   mention   of   them   all   on   this   page   but   if   you   browse   them   from the   link   bar   you   will   have   some   idea   of   the   styles   we   keep   and   can   get by   special   request..   Please   just   call   us   if   there’s   something   you   want that isn’t shown on this site as we often have it in stock.
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